Comprehensive Dental Treatments for Your Unique Smile

Enhance the Apperance of Your Smile with Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Many patients do not realize the tremendous impact that gums can have on the overall appearance of a smile. If excessive gum tissue or periodontal erosion is detracting from the aesthetics of your smile, Dr. Kate von Lackum can correct these concerns by performing cosmetic gum surgery at her Lexington, KY, practice. In addition to enhancing your appearance, cosmetic gum surgery can also be used to improve your candidacy for a dental crown. To learn more about the cosmetic gum surgery treatments we offer, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. von Lackum today.

Crown Lengthening

BeforeA dental crown is used as a trusted and effective treatment for patients with a damaged or badly decayed tooth. These tooth-shaped restorations completely cover a tooth to improve its appearance and reinforce its structure. However, some patients will find that they do not have enough exposed tooth structure for the placement of a crown. In these cases, Dr. von Lackum can perform crown lengthening, which involves carefully removing a small amount of gum tissue to uncover more of a tooth's surface. In some cases, a tiny amount of bone from around the roots of a tooth may also be removed. Not only can this procedure boost the appearance of a smile, it can also improve oral health by exposing more of a tooth's structure for brushing and flossing.

Gum Contouring

Excessive gum tissue can diminish the beauty of a smile and make teeth look stubby or overly worn. Gum contouring involves the removal of gum tissue to correct what is known as a "gummy smile." During a gum contouring procedure, Dr. von Lackum will precisely sculpt tissue to bring uniformity to an uneven gum line and create an attractive frame for your smile. No matter the procedure you choose, Dr. von Lackum will work conservatively and gently to remove only the amount of gum tissue that will achieve your goals.

Connective Tissue Grafts

If you have suffered periodontal erosion, or if you have thin gums, we can use connective tissue grafts as a trusted way to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. During this procedure, Dr. von Lackum will create a tiny incision in your soft palate along the roof of your mouth. Through this incision, she will remove a small amount of the underlying tissue, known as sub-epithelial connective tissue. This tissue sample is then placed over the recessed areas of your gum line. Tiny sutures will hold the graft in place, and it will integrate with your gum tissue over the next few months. In addition to enhancing your appearance, connective tissue can also be used to cover up exposed dental roots, helping to reduce discomfort and sensitivity.

Schedule a Cosmetic Gum Surgery Consultation

A cosmetic gum surgery treatment with Dr. von Lackum can provide lasting benefits after a single brief appointment. When you visit our practice for a consultation, Dr. von Lackum will examine your smile and listen to your goals to create a personalized treatment plan. Contact Modern Periodontics today to schedule an appointment.

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