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Our Cone Beam CT Scanner Helps Us Achieve Optimal Results

A three-dimensional imaging technique known as cone beam computerized tomography (CT) scanning has become the standard of care in implant dentistryDr. Kate von Lackum utilizes a PreXion Elite 3D cone beam CT scanner at Modern Periodontics in Lexington, KYwhich is one of the most advanced three-dimensional dental imaging tools available. CT images of patients allow Dr. von Lackum to plan bone augmentation and implant procedures with the highest level of accuracy and obtain the location and dimensions of all the pertinent anatomical structures before performing invasive surgical procedures. Additionally, this technology makes diagnosis and detection of oral and head and neck pathology greater than any two-dimensional study. The PreXion Elite also has the capabilities to make 2D panoramic images as well. To learn more about the benefits of 3-D CT scans, schedule an appointment today.

Advanced Imaging Technology
With 3D CBCT technology, we are able to complete “model surgery” using case planing software on a computer, which is matched to dental study models made from impressions of your mouth to fabricate a surgical guide using stereolithography. This surgical guide, which fits intra-orally, assists Dr. von Lackum in precision implant placement during your surgery. If you are interested in computer-guided implants surgery, reach out to our practice today.

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