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Advanced Dental Technology Helps Us Achieve Optimal Results

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3-D Cone Beam Scanner

Having a cone beam computerized tomography (CT) scanner at Modern Periodontics allows us to perform diagnoses and plan treatments with exceptional accuracy. This scanner emits cone-shaped beams of light to produce a 3-D image of your jaw and oral structures, which is especially beneficial when planning a dental implants treatment.

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Onset® by Onpharma™

Onset® is an FDA-approved technique for buffering local anesthesia. Using a special applicator pen, cartridge, and sodium bicarbonate solution, we can numb treatment areas much more quickly than traditional anesthesia injections. In addition, the Onset® solution is low in acidity, which helps to minimize discomfort when it is administered.

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Our Piezosurgery® tool emits ultrasonic microvibrations to cut bone tissue with minimal impact to soft tissues. Dr. von Lackum can use the device to remove very small amounts of bone and preserve more of your healthy jaw structure, allowing you to enjoy shorter recovery times and minimal discomfort after periodontal surgery.

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Digital Xrays

At Modern Periodontics, we use digital dental x-rays because of the many advantages they offer over traditional types. Digital x-rays produce a much clearer image that can be viewed instantly and highly magnified on a computer screen. In addition, digital imaging also involves less radiation exposure than traditional film versions.

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After dental implants are placed in the jaw, they fuse with the jawbone through a process known as osseointegration. With our Periotest® handheld device, we can check the stability of implants immediately after placement and monitor osseointegration during recovery. This tool allows us to ensure a successful treatment and address early signs of issues as soon as possible.

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