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Small sores inside the mouth are usually harmless, but they can sometimes indicate the presence of oral cancer. If you or your dentist have noticed any abnormalities, Dr. Kate von Lackum can perform a biopsy, which involves taking a small tissue sample for professional analysis. We will call you with the test results within four days and help you choose an effective course of treatment, if needed.

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Treatment for Oral Lesions

If you spot the presence or development of oral lesions, Dr. von Lackum can often effectively treat them at Modern Periodontics with steroid therapy. Additionally, we can also perform an evaluation for autoimmune disorders, such as Crohn’s disease or lupus, and may be able to prescribe medications to help protect your oral and overall health.

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Night Guards

Custom mouth guards worn at night can provide relief from negative symptoms caused by bruxism (teeth grinding) or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Mouth guards can also help to prevent the progression of gingival recession and periodontal bone loss. To ensure a comfortable fit, your mouth guard will be custom-made at Glidewell Dental Lab based on precise impressions of your bite. 

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Consistent at-home oral care is the best way to maintain a healthy smile. When you visit Modern Periodontics, we can demonstrate proper brushing techniques to help you avoid gum recession. Furthermore, we can provide special interproximal brushes to improve oral hygiene at home or recommend a water pick or implant brush, depending on your unique needs.

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Nutritional Counseling

A nutritious diet is an essential part of overall physical wellbeing. However, many patients are not aware of the impact a diet can have on oral health. If you suffer from extensive decay, we can provide nutritional counseling to help prevent oral disease. We can also recommend nutritional supplements to improve healing after periodontal treatments.

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Smoking Cessation Counseling

Smoking is a leading cause of oral cancer, and it can also result in a wide range of other health concerns. As part of her commitment to your complete wellness, Dr. von Lackum can provide counseling to help you stop smoking. After assessing your readiness to quit, she will talk about your various treatment options, such as nicotine patches or lozenges and behavioral modifications.

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Tori Removal

Tori are small bone growths that develop inside the mouth. Although tori are not a serious health concern, they can make it difficult to find a well-fitting denture or comfortably undergo dental x-rays. Fortunately, Dr. von Lackum can remove tori with our Piezosurgery® tool, which emits ultrasonic microvibrations to eliminate unwanted bone tissue.

Sedation Dentistry

Dr. von Lackum and her facility are Parenteral Conscious Sedation Certified. We offer both oral and intravenous (IV) delivery of sedation medicines in order for patients to undergo the recommended procedure with little or no discomfort. You may remember little or no details of the entire procedure, including the injections. If you will be receiving IV sedation, please follow these instructions on the day of surgery: 1) Do not EAT or DRINK anything at least six hours before your surgery appointment unless given special instructions. 2) Take your regular medications. 3) An adult relative or friend must remain in our office throughout the surgery, accompany you home, and stay with you for the rest of the day. Do not plan to drive a car or return to work until the next day following IV sedation. 4) Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing (short sleeves are preferred). 5) Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 6) Please notify the doctor and office team of any changes in your health or medications you are taking.

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